Door lock inspection type inspection standard inspection process

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Type of door lock detection

Intelligent door lock, elevator door lock, fire door lock, anti-theft door lock, electronic door lock, etc.

Standard of inspection

1. DIN 25076-1987 rail vehicle doors; Rotary interior door lock

2, 8DIN 25077-1986 rail vehicle door; Interior rotating door lock; The lock box

3. DIN 25078-1986 Doors of regulated motor vehicles; Interior rotating door lock; Press button nameplate

4. DIN 25079-1986 Doors for regulated motor vehicles; Interior rotating door lock; knobs

Test process

1. Mail samples or send samples.

2. After receiving the test sample of the door lock, the engineer will conduct the initial test.

3. Quotation shall be made according to test items and test methods.

4. Pay for the test and conduct the experiment.

5. Complete the experiment and analyze the test data.

6. Late test report and late technical support.