Factory Inspection

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QC YSI Factory Inspection

I. Field visit process

1. Opening meeting

1.1 Introduce each other

1.2 Inform the purpose of the audit

1.3 Brief introduction of the audit process

1.4 Declaration of confidentiality

1.5 Precautions (photo, video, protection and security requirements)

1.6 Sign relevant documents (integrity agreement, sign-in sheet, declaration of interest)

1.7 Access to basic supplier information

1.8 Other precautions

- Meeting Venue

- Product demonstration

2. Documents review

3. Factory Tour

3.1 Processes.

-According to the process flow

-Before and after order

3.2 Purpose

-Verify product and capacity

-Find problems

4. Employees interview

4.1 Management interview

4.2 Individual interviews

4.3 On-site interviews

4.4 Others on campus

5. Close meeting

5.1 Acknowledgement

5.2 Communicate and briefly explain the problematic points found

5.3 Sign and confirm the report

5.4 Answer questions and solve problems

Ⅱ. How to do a good site visit

1.Make a good audit plan

2. Familiar with the checklist

3. Go online to check factory information (legality/basic information)

4. Through the factory website, understand the factory and products

5. Customer special requirements

6. Document preparation: report template (online report)/document list/reference report

7.Photo-taking skills

8. Special situation handling

1) Intermediaries "pointing to the horse" (set of factories)

2) Refusal of factory inspection / release / semi-refusal of factory inspection

9. Important information verification

1)Business license and address

2) Production license (pharmaceutical, food, etc.)

3) Emission permit

4) Factory capacity (personnel, equipment)

5) Quality management (manuals/procedures/working instructions/site quality control/recent records)

Special situation handling

1) The middleman "refers to the stag as a horse"

Cause: In order to gain the trust of customers, "borrow" someone else's factory, put up their own business license and sign, falsely claim their own factory.


A. Look at the factory's site records, such as raw materials / finished goods in and out of storage records, production records, inspection records. General factory site documents have the name of the factory.

B. Employee interviews. Employees generally do not lie, if the interview with an employee can not ask, then interview more employees.

C. Interviews with neighboring factories, or nearby factory personnel

D. Borrow the factory landline phone, use the factory landline number to find the name of the factory.

2)Refusal of factory inspection / semi-refusal of factory inspection / release

A. encounter refusal of factory inspection, first contact the measurement library technical staff, technical staff to determine to do empty processing, only when you can let go. If the factory agrees, let the factory reception staff in the release report or measurement library COC documents on the refusal of factory inspection. After the airing, you have to do the airing report, and the writing method of the airing report is shown in the measurement library online report operation instruction.

B. If the factory only allows to see the site, but not the documents. Please explain to the technical staff of the measurement library, and then indicate in the report.

III. How to write the report

1. Report requirements

1) Completeness

2) Accuracy (accurate content, accurate description)

3) Consistency

2. writing report order

3. report form: normal report, abortive report

4. about Summary writing.

1) How to write?

General structure, strengths/weaknesses, combining similar items, logical order, and

2) What to write?

A. Location of the plant, shape and size of the plant, number of employees

B. products, production capacity

C. Sales market, market share, and major customers

D. Processes, number of production lines, and outgoing processes

E. Product certification

F. Factory certification, customer inspection

G. R & D capability, OEM/ODM capability, and private label

H. Quality control, and laboratory capability

I. Foreign trade team, self-export

J. Problems found by factory inspection

5. How to find out the problems?

1) Refer to the checklist

2) The concerns of this audit

3) Production capacity judgment

4) Quality management verification

6. Summary Requirements.

1) Precise and concise description

2) Suggest to use general past tense, passive voice

3)Written requirements: meet the English writing requirements, correct spelling

7. Photo order

Please insert the pictures in the following order.

Business license, factory gate, general view of factory, general view of warehouse/workshop, closeup of assembly line, closeup of process

Factory certificate/report, product certification, production plan/records, work instructions

Other records.

Note: Photos should be placed correctly, no more than two similar photos in the same position, and no identical photos should be inserted.