Fashion Accessories Inspection

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QC YSI Fashion Accessories Inspection

Fashion accessories inspection standards and on-site inspection points

For the inspection (inspection) of fashion accessories products, AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits, acceptable quality limit) is adopted to define the degree and acceptable range of product defects.

The inspection points of the inspector at the fashion accessories inspection site are as follows:

1. Drop test

2. Matching check

3. Product size / weight measurement

4. Color difference inspection

5. Work inspection

6. Reliability test of zipper / button / button or any other functional components

7. Head circumference test

8. Color fastness test

9. Tape test for printed labels / coating adhesion testing

10. Needle testing / metal testing (for sewing parts)

11. Try on the test

12. Barcode scanning test

13. Odor inspection

Fashion accessories inspection service covers the product range

1. Scarf

2. Hat

3. Socks

4. Gloves

5. Tie / bow tie

6. Belt

7. Headband / handkerchief / knee guard / wrist guard, etc