Fashion accessories inspection standards and site inspection points

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Fashion accessories inspection - For fashion accessories products to provide precision, the whole process inspection services

For consumers, fashion accessories can enhance the artistic expression of the clothing itself, but also an important embodiment of personal charm. Closely cooperate with suppliers and purchasers of all kinds of products to create a quality and safety environment for fashion accessories, so as to enhance the competitiveness of fashion accessories in the international market.

Scarves, hats, socks, gloves, ties, belts, headbands and other fashion accessories are different in appearance and function, and the applicable target market standards are different. According to customer needs, the database can be used to carry out a variety of professional testing and evaluation of fashion accessories.

Fashion accessories inspection standards and site inspection points

For the inspection (inspection) of fashion accessories, the test library shall adopt AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) to define the degree and acceptable range of product defects.

The inspection points of the inspector in the fashion accessories inspection site are as follows:

1. Drop test

2. Check the ratio

3. Product size/weight measurement

4. Color difference check

5. Check workmanship

6. Reliability testing of zippers/buttons/clasps or any other functional components

7. Head circumference test

8. Color fastness test

9. Tape test/coating adhesion test for printed labels

10. Needle inspection/metal inspection (for sewn parts)

11. Try it on

12. Barcode scanning test

13. Smell check

Fashion accessories inspection service covers the product range

Step 1: Scarf

Step 2: Hats

Step 3: Socks

Step 4: Gloves

5. Tie/bow

Step 6: Belt

7. Headband/handkerchief/knee pads/wrist guards, etc