Fitness equipment inspection

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YSI Fitness Equipment Inspection

Provide high-quality, high-guarantee and high-efficiency inspection services for fitness equipment

With the improvement of living standards, fitness has become a fashion for modern people, and the sports equipment industry has developed rapidly, and its quality has also been highly valued. Therefore, quality problems or delayed deliveries will directly affect the supply chain, and buyers or brands must implement effective quality control methods to meet delivery and safety standards.

We ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your products by inspecting your fitness equipment for appearance, packaging, functionality, safety and compliance with relevant applicable standards. The quality of fitness equipment is related to the life safety of consumers during exercise, and the inspection of fitness equipment is very important.

Fitness equipment inspection standards and on-site inspection points

YSI adopts the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) to define the degree of product defects and the acceptable range.

The inspection points of the inspector at the fitness equipment inspection site are as follows:

1. Carton drop test

2. Product size/weight check

3. Barcode Scanning Test

4. Assembly/Installation Inspection

5. Functional testing

6. Coated Tape Test

7. High voltage test

8. Ground continuous test (if applicable)

9. Power Cord Strain Relief Test

10. Power consumption check or input power/current check (for products with motors)

11. Stability Check

12. Fatigue life and temperature rise test of the whole machine

13. Noise Check

14. Power-on inspection

15. Speed Check

16. Emergency braking system

17. Odor test

Fitness equipment inspection service coverage

Fitness equipment: treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, fat slinger, rowing machine, strength training equipment, strength training bench, stationary fitness machine, step machine, elliptical machine, abdominal fitness machine, dumbbell set, chest expander, pressure Bars, Bending Bars, Barbells, Door Grippers, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Grips;

Sports products: bicycles, electric bicycles, inline skates/inline skates, skateboards, ski products/snowboards, roller skates, punching bags, punching balls, snooker, snorkels, seat belts, golf clubs , tennis racket, badminton racket, tennis, table tennis, football/rugby/basketball/volleyball, cricket, frisbee, darts, skipping rope, fishing rod set, trampoline, hand/foot pump, scooter, kite.