Furniture Inspection

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YSI Furniture Inspection

Provide high-quality, high-guarantee and high-efficiency inspection services for furniture

Furniture is an indispensable item in our life and office. Manufacturers, buyers, exporters and brand owners need to control the quality of furniture to ensure that it meets the mandatory requirements of various national markets to ensure that products can enter the market smoothly.

Common furniture materials include layout, solid wood, leather art, fabric art and rattan weaving. We ensure the quality, safety and sustainable development of your products by inspecting the quantity, specifications, packaging, functionality, safety and compliance with relevant applicable standards of furniture. 

Furniture inspection standards and on-site inspection points

YSI adopts the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) to define the degree of product defects and the acceptable range.

The inspection points of the inspector at the furniture inspection site are as follows:

1. Visual inspection

2. Product size/weight check

3. Barcode Scanning Test

4. Assembly/Installation Inspection

5. Functional testing

6. Coated Tape Test

7. Transport drop test

8. Static Load Testing

9. Stability test

10. Shake test

11. Odor Test

12. Shock test

13. Humidity test (wooden furniture)

Furniture inspection service coverage

YSI provides furniture inspection services mainly covering the following types:

1. Chair/recliner/stool/swing/bench/bench/sofa, table, iron table

2. bed, mattress

3. Cabinets/wardrobes, wine cabinets, entrance cabinets, shoe cabinets, bedside cabinets, filing cabinets, TV racks

4. Shelves/shelves (floor or wall mounted)

5. Office chairs, desks

6. Children's furniture (chairs and tables), cribs/playpen/children's fence/playway

7. Panels/screens, windows/doors, mirrors