Garment Inspection and Testing (AQL)

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Garment Inspection and Testing

Basic knowledge of clothing inspection

1. Preparations before inspection

Equipped with commonly used inspection tools, such as computer, camera, smartphone, steel tape measure, soft ruler, defect arrow mark, QA sticker, barcode scanner, hygrometer, color card, gray card, etc. For some special products, it is also necessary to prepare necessary protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, hats, etc.

At 16:00 on the day before the inspection, please contact the factory contact to confirm the completion of the goods. If the factory replies that the goods are not packaged, please report back to the technical supervisor of the testing warehouse by telephone before 16:30 the day before the inspection.

Before starting the inspection task, you should carefully read the order details and order information (for offline reports, you need to download the report template) to ensure that you have fully understood the details of the order. If there is a technical document in the order, please read it carefully. If you have any questions, you should contact the relevant technical personnel of the testing library for verification in time to ensure that all inspection requirements are understood and implemented correctly.

2. The process of inspection

Before the inspection starts, it is necessary to open OPENING MEETING with the relevant contact of the factory.

We need to verify with the factory the relevant information about our inspection today:

What is the type of inspection? Pre-production inspection, in-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection or full inspection;

What is the product being inspected? Whether there is a confirmation sample/reference sample, inspection data package;

Whether the order number of the inspection, the inspection payment number, the quantity of goods shipped, and whether the batch is consistent with the customer's application form;

Picking boxes and samples for inspection

When opening the outer carton, it is necessary to check whether the quantity, color and ratio of each carton are consistent with the information, packing list and the contents of the outer carton mark; the samples need to be randomly selected from the selected outer carton, and the samples must be collected in person or under their own supervision. Take the samples out of the outer carton; take out the box and sample without leaving your sight range to avoid changing boxes and samples in the factory; each box of samples needs to be released separately, unpacked, and you need to do a color difference test of the product, look at each box Whether the product has cylinder difference;

Before unpacking a single product, it is necessary to verify whether the packaging information of the product meets the requirements of the customer and whether there is any error in the packaging of the product itself.

Inspection process

If there is a customer's confirmation sample or product information, the details should be checked with the confirmation sample or product information, and any discrepancies should be remarked; the protection of the sample should be done well, and it should not be confused with the bulk goods. Dirty confirmation sample;

When inspecting clothing, generally follow the order from top to bottom, left to right, front to back, and inside to outside (or clockwise inspection, front and back, inside and outside) to ensure that all parts of the inspected product are inspected;

Label the defective products with arrows and take pictures, and classify them according to fatal, serious, and minor for statistical purposes; all sample sizes need to be inspected, and during the inspection process, pay attention to whether the factory has the possibility of changing the sample;

3. Operation after inspection

After the inspection is completed, fill in the draft report accurately and in detail. The report should be clear and complete. Before getting the signature of the factory, the content of the report, the judgment standard and the report result should be clearly and accurately fed back to the factory. If you have different opinions or refuse to sign, you can indicate it on the report and report it to the corresponding technical director. There should be no quarrel with the factory, and any questions should be reported to the technical supervisor in time.

Before leaving, the draft report signed by the factory and the integrity sheet should be sent back to the technical supervisor;

If you need to seal the sample, you need to seal the sample with a plastic bag, sign on the outside of the plastic bag, then seal it with a carton, and sign on the front and back seals of the carton. If it is inconvenient to send it in person, let the factory express it to the designated address. After the express delivery, it is necessary to indicate the express tracking number on the report.

The inspection report (online or offline report) should be written in accordance with the inspection report writing guidelines of the testing library. The report should be submitted in the system before ten o'clock in the evening on the day of inspection, and all original photos should be uploaded to the system at the same time.