Hardware Inspection

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YSI Hardware Inspection

Provide high-quality, high-guarantee and high-efficiency inspection services for hardware building materials

Hardware is an important metal material, the mother of industry and the foundation of national defense. YSI provides professional hardware and building materials inspection standards, clarifying the inspection content and requirements, effectively controlling the quality of hardware and building materials products, and ensuring that the needs of buyers and brands are met. Manufacturers, buyers, exporters and brand owners need to control the quality of hardware products to ensure that they meet the mandatory requirements of each country's market to ensure that products can enter the market smoothly.

As a professional third-party inspection agency, YSI will identify and control quality problems at the source. To ensure accuracy and quality assurance throughout the production process, defects and non-compliances can be identified at different stages of the hardware production process

Hardware inspection standard

1. The specifications and dimensions meet the requirements, the allowable deviation of the length of the screws is ±1mm, the nail caps should be round, without cracks, the tooth grades are clear, the male and female are freely matched, there should be no obvious bending phenomenon, and no serious scratches;

2. No rust, no scratches, no deformation, consistent size, reasonable and firm structure, and consistent color as a whole;

3. Good compatibility with other related accessories;

4. Appearance and shape meet customer requirements, and meet the requirements of templates, drawings or prenatal samples;

5. The electroplating is firm and should not fall off.

Hardware and building materials inspection service coverage

Locks inspection: door locks, drawer locks, electronic locks, anti-theft locks, lock irons, lock cylinders, etc.;

Handle inspection: drawer handle, cabinet door handle, glass door handle;

Doors and windows inspection: glass hinges, bearing hinges, hinges, sliding door tracks, drawer tracks, door suction, floor suction, beading, etc.;

Bathroom hardware inspection: faucets, showers, double cup holders, paper towel holders, hanging mirrors, towel racks, racks, etc.;

Kitchen hardware inspection: sinks, scrubbers, range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters, pipes, dishwashers, exhaust fans, etc.;

Home decoration hardware inspection: universal wheels, curtain rods, lifting drying racks, hooks, etc.;

Architectural decoration hardware inspection: stainless steel pipes, rivets, expansion bolts, self-tapping screws, glass clips, etc.