Household Groceries Inspection

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YSI Household Groceries Inspection

To provide high quality, high security, high efficiency household groceries inspection services

Household products are closely related to our daily life, and unqualified grocery household products will pose a serious threat to the health of consumers. It is essential to establish an effective quality control plan to ensure that products are delivered on time and meet all relevant quality and safety standards.

YSI professional home grocery inspection services to ensure that they meet the relevant standards applicable to your product destination, to help you enhance the international competitiveness of your products and brands.

YSI Household Groceries Inspection service

As a professional third party inspection institution, YSI will identify and control quality problems at the source. To ensure the accuracy and quality of the whole production process, defects and non-compliance can be identified at different stages of the household groceries production process:

Initial production inspection

Interim production inspection

Final production inspection

All inspection service

Product sampling

Container service

Video inspection

Household groceries inspection standards and on-site inspection points

Identify and control quality problems at the production source of household groceries through a professional third party inspection organization. YSI applies the Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) standard to define the extent of product defects and the acceptable range.

The inspection points of the inspector at the home groceries inspection site are as follows:

1. Appearance inspection

2. Product size/weight inspection

3. Barcode scanning test

4. Assembly/installation check

5. Practical function test

6. Coating tape test

7. Shipping drop test

8. Stability test

9. Needle inspection test (Textile household groceries)

10. Smell check

11. Load test (various load-bearing items)

12. Waterproof test

13. Moisture test (wooden furniture)

14. Fastness to straps

15. Capacity test

Household groceries inspection service coverage

Household items: Ashtrays, fireplace accessories, fire screens, trash cans/baskets, hangers and hooks, coat and hat racks, doormats, carpets, carpets, mops, brooms/dustpans, rags, storage containers, tablecloths/coasters/tablecloths, wrapping paper, water bottles/wine bottles;

Home Decoration and holiday Accessories: Picture frames, wall art products, decorative flowers/artificial flowers, metal statues, magnets, candles/candlesticks, oil lamps, glass ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas wear products, party/holiday items, such as wrapping paper, ribbon, etc., vases, fountains (non-electric);

Personal Accessories: Badges, non-fabric hats, sunglasses/glasses/frames, Hair bands/clips, Fashion jewelry, Fine jewelry, Key chain, lanyard, lighter, Business card case, Watch, clock, flashlight, binoculars, Belt, umbrella, card bag/wallet;

Pet products: dog house/nest/cage, feeding tray/bird feeder, leash, pet clothes, pet toys;

Epidemic protective equipment: masks, protective clothing, protective goggles, protective gloves, temperature gun, etc.