How do you check a tape measure? This article will give you a detailed introduction to the measuring tape inspection methods and standards。

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Tape measure is a measuring tool commonly used in daily life. One of the most common tools you'll see is a steel tape measure, which is commonly used in construction and decoration and is also one of the most essential tools in the home. Divided into fiber tape measure, tape measure, waist measure and so on. Luban's ruler, wind water's ruler and Wen meter are also steel tape measures. The quality of the tape measure is determined by inspection. So how do you check a tape measure? This article will give you a detailed introduction to the measuring tape inspection methods and standards, I hope you have learned something successful.

First, the basic knowledge of tape measure

(1) Classification

The main type of tape measure is steel tape, followed by fiber tape, which is often seen as a tape measure, many people say a cloth measure, and a waist measure (tailor's/clothes measure are of this type). In the south of our country and Hong Kong area usually called tape measure is soft or pull ruler. It is made of PVC plastic and fiberglass, which prevents the tape from being stretched during use.

A tape measure, usually imperial, is 150 centimeters on one side and 60 inches on the other. Inch is a commonly used unit of measurement abroad, and the size unit of TV sets and monitors is inch. And the size of the jeans, also in inches. In China, measuring tape is commonly used in the city. One side is 150 centimeters, the other is 45 inches. Often said 2 feet 1, 2 feet 2 waist, is the city inch unit.

(2) Characteristics

Gift ruler is used for advertising promotion. It is divided into steel tape (steel tape) and leather tape (PVC plastic fiber tape). It is usually cute and small in shape. Tape measures, also known as measuring tools, eighty-five percent of the world's tape measures are exported from China.

(3) Principles

The tape measure can be rolled up because there is a spring inside the tape measure. When pulling out the measuring length, it actually lengthens the length of the ruler and the spring. Once the measurement is completed, the spring inside the tape measure will automatically shrink, and the ruler will also shrink under the action of the spring force, so the tape measure will roll up.

(4) Characteristics

1, the tape measure deformation is too large will not fail. Why didn't it fail; The spring in the tape measure is very long, its full relaxation to full tightening range is large, the full travel of the tape measure includes, there is a margin at both ends, so the tape measure will not fail.

2, pull one meter long and pull two meters long, pull there is no difference; The spring of the tape measure is very thin, and the amount of deformation when it is tightened is very small, so the reaction force is very small, and the change of force is not felt when the ruler is pulled.