How exactly should the router inspect the goods?

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With computers, phones, tablets and TV set-top boxes in every household, wifi is a must. Wifi signal quality and home router has an inseparable connection, so, router in the end how to check goods? What are the inspection methods and inspection standards of routers? Today let Xiaobian to take you to understand.

I. Inspection purpose:

Provide data basis for process quality control, routine inspection, final product inspection and validation inspection.

Two, the tools used:

Computer, external network cable, router, network cable, adapter, plug ruler

Iii. Inspection environment:

① Ambient temperature: 25℃±10℃

② Ambient humidity: 35%~80%

③ Lighting conditions: lighting conditions 500lx -- 1000lx

④ Visual distance: 40cm±5cm

⑤ View Angle: within the range of ±45° based on the vertical line of the tested surface.

⑥ Visual time: 5~8 seconds

Iv. Inspection items and inspection standards

1. Appearance inspection

Appearance screen printing: screen printing position is in the center, clear, no deviation, defect, blur and other undesirable phenomena

Appearance quality: the shell surface has no obvious scratches, impurities, edges, defects and other undesirable phenomena

Assembly clearance: The clearance between the surface shell and the bottom shell is uniform, and the gap is uniform and less than 0.3mm

Network cable jack, USB charging port: jack, socket assembly in place, no skew, damage and other undesirable phenomena

Reset key: the key can not have sag, skew, feel when pressed and accompanied by a crisp sound, will bounce back

Antenna assembly: antenna assembly in place, moderate tightness, no appearance damage and other undesirable phenomena

2. Performance inspection

Power-on test: Plug in the adapter and automatically start up and self-test, each indicator light shines and then goes out, and finally only the WIFI indicator light keeps on. Except the WIFI indicator is blue, other WAN and four port indicators are yellow.

Reset key test: Press the reset key to reset normally without adverse reactions

Wired networking: Connect the computer and network cable according to the instructions, and all Settings can be carried out normally. The computer can surf the Internet normally.

Wireless networking: After setting up the router through wired networking, turn on the WIFI connection with a mobile phone or laptop, and the router's WIFI signal can be received normally. The signal strength depends on the distance and the wall wall (meet the design requirements), and the signal strength must be full in the same room. After connecting to WIFI, the mobile phone or computer can surf the Internet normally.