How to Inspect stapler ?

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stapler inspection

1) Definition of stapler

A stapler is a desktop tool that holds multiple sheets of paper to staples

2) Stapler structure drawing

3) Stapler requirements

(1) Flexible coordination between parts. During nailing, the nailing device moves smoothly in the nailing path and can be reset in time. The stapler can be pressed out one by one and then bent in the slot, and can successfully finish all the staples in the stapler.

(2) When the stapler is used, observe the shape of the bent foot of the staple. The nail surface is smooth, the nail foot should be symmetrical, no stitching, shoulder resistance, foot warping and other defects.

(3) Two layers of paper staples can not penetrate the surface of the paper again.

(4) Service life of more than 20,000 times.

4) Stapler function and performance test: field test with 50 standard staples