How to inspect second-hand mobile phone? T

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Sometimes due to the economic conditions, we have to buy some relatively cost-effective second-hand products, such as second-hand cars, second-hand bicycles, second-hand tablet computers, second-hand mobile phones and so on. But buying second-hand goods is relatively cost-effective, but there is also the most deadly problem, that is its quality. You never know if you're buying a refurbished one, so having a keen eye can be very helpful. How to inspect second-hand mobile phone? Today, Xiaobian will explain to you the whole second-hand mobile phone quality inspection process.

1. Understand the basic information

1) Check the phone model

Rear shell - body label - Type

Set -- about the machine -- the model

2) Check the memory, version and IMEI of the phone.

Ii. Mobile phone appearance detection

1) Fineness observation

Check the appearance of the fuselage for bending, peeling paint, scratches, bumps and other conditions to determine the overall color of the phone.

New mobile phone: unpacked or only unpacked and not activated, complete accessories, no traces of use.

2) Good appearance

The screen is intact without scratches, and the body has slight use marks.

3) Defects in appearance

There are obvious use marks, scratches, bumps, paint, etc.

4) Screen detection

Check whether the screen is in good condition. If there is screen damage, screen scratches or broken corners and other conditions. Screen damage: The screen is obviously damaged

5) Damaged edges and corners

The corners of the screen are broken

6) Check the touch screen

Check whether the touch is normal, light leakage, color difference and other phenomena.

Swipe the icon to check if the touch is normal.

7) Detect color difference

Adjust the screen to a solid color background and detect any chromatic aberration, light leakage or abnormal display.

Color difference: The upper and lower areas have different colors.

8) Light leakage

The screen has distinct spots, highlights, lines, etc.

Iii. Mobile phone function test

1) Detecting WIFI

In the WIFI hotspot area, check whether you can search for and connect to WIFI.

2) Bluetooth detection

Check whether you can search and connect to Bluetooth normally.

3) Detect fingerprints

Check to see if your phone can accurately identify information such as fingerprints.

4) Check the account

Check whether accounts such as iCloud and Flyme are unbound.

5) Take pictures for detection

Check whether the front and rear cameras take pictures properly.

6) Detect the camera

Whether there is ash, spots and other abnormal conditions.

7) Detect flash

Turn on the flash of the phone and check whether the flash can be turned on normally.

8) Test the recording

Record a voice and check whether the phone's recording function is normal.

9) Test the compass

Open the compass and check whether the compass is working properly.

10) Test the gyroscope

Turn on the gyroscope and check whether the gyroscope is normal.

11) Detection and positioning

Enable the location function to check whether the location is correct.

12) Call detection

Make a call to check whether the call and distance sensing is normal.

13) Light sensing detection

Check whether light sensing is normal.

14) Charging detection

Check that your phone is charging properly.

15) Key detection

Check that each key is working correctly.

16) Data cleaning

Deep cleaning of mobile phone data to ensure that users' privacy is not leaked.

Iv. Mobile phone hardware detection

Check for any water or repair marks (never remove machine)

1) Maintenance inspection

Check whether the maintenance mark is complete and whether the fuselage screws are scratched.

2) Water inlet detection

Check whether the waterproof sign is discolored, and whether the phone jack and fuselage are damp and mildew.

3) Check on iPhone

Open the back cover to check the motherboard (only open the back cover to check, do not disassemble the machine