How to inspect the charger?

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Recently, the website of Quanzhou City Market Supervision Administration of Fujian Province publicized the results of 2020 annual mobile phone power adapter (charger) quality supervision in the circulation field of Quanzhou City.

Quanzhou Market Supervision Administration of Fujian Province said that the random sampling of all kinds of shopping malls (supermarkets) counters, exclusive stores, individual businesses in the city's jurisdiction to sell mobile communication equipment samples, a total of 50 batches of mobile phone power adapter (charger) samples, the inspection items involved marking and description, grounding conductor and its connection resistance. Creepage distance, electrical clearance and insulation penetration distance, in-line equipment, contact current and protection conductor current, electrical strength, (30-1000) MHz radiation disturbance, etc.

The sampling inspection results show that the specification and model of the switching power adapter manufactured by HUAWEI Technologies Co., LTD. (nominal) is HW-050450C00, and the brand name is Huawei. The unqualified items include creepage distance, electrical clearance and insulation penetration distance, and the degree of unqualified is: serious. The inspection institution is Fujian Institute of Product Quality Inspection.

In addition, the specific situation of OPPO's unqualified mobile phone charger is as follows: the trademark is OPPO, the model is AK779, the production batch is April 5, 2020, but the manufacturer is Shenzhen Hangjia Chiyuan Electric Co., LTD. (nominal), the inspected unit is Quanzhou Airport Communication Electronics Co., LTD., the degree of unqualified is seriously unqualified. The unqualified items include creepage distance, electrical clearance and insulation penetration distance, and electrical strength.

In response to the "unqualified phone chargers", Huawei said that after preliminary verification, the "Quanzhou Airport Communication Electronics Co., LTD." which was inspected by the Quanzhou Market Supervision Administration has no direct cooperation with Huawei, and there is no relevant record of purchasing chargers from Huawei. We are checking the details with relevant departments. We suggest you continue to follow the official news.

OPPO responded, "We have noted the results of a spot check conducted by the Quanzhou Market Supervision Administration on the power adapter sold by Quanzhou Airport Communication Electronics Co., LTD., labeled as OPPO brand AK779. The power adapter is suspected of being a counterfeit product, and is not manufactured and sold by OPPO officials or its official designated partners. We hereby remind consumers to purchase products through the official channels authorized by OPPO."

How to check the charger, inspection?

Chargers should be inspected for appearance and structure inspection, identification inspection, main performance inspection, safety inspection, power adaptability inspection, electromagnetic compatibility inspection and so on.

I. Inspection of the appearance, structure and logo of the charger:

1. Appearance and structure: the surface of the product should not have obvious dents, scratches, cracks, deformation and pollution; The surface coating layer should be uniform, should not bubble, crack, fall off and wear; Metal parts should be free from corrosion and other mechanical damage; The parts should be fastened and not loose, and the switches, buttons and other control parts should be flexible and reliable.

2. Identification:

The product body shall be marked as follows:

Product name and model; Manufacturer's name and trademark; The rated input voltage, input current and output power of the transmitter; Receiver rated output voltage and current.

Ii. Charger logo and packaging

Logo: The logo of the product shall at least include the product name, product model, manufacturer's name, manufacturer's address, trademark and product certification mark. Its logo should be concise, clear, correct and firm.

The packing case should be marked with the manufacturer's name, product model, and painted or labeled with "fragile goods", "rain" and other shipping labels.

Packing: The packing case shall be moisture-proof, dustproof and vibration proof. The packing case shall have packing list, inspection certificate, accessories and related documents.

Three, inspection and testing

1. High voltage test: 3000V/5mA/2sec

2. Conventional charging function test: all sampled products are tested by intelligent testing model to test charging function and port connection.

3. Fast charging function test: Test fast charging through smart phones.

4. Indicator test: When the power is on, the indicator is turned on.

5. Output voltage check: Check the basic discharge function and record the output (rated load, unloading) range.

6. Over current protection test: whether the circuit protection is effective when the current is over, whether it will shut down and return to normal after charging.

7. Short-circuit protection test: whether the short-circuit protection is effective.

8. Output voltage no-load adapter check: 9V

9. Adhesive tape coating test: Test the adhesion of all spraying, gilding, UV coating and printing with 3M 600 adhesive tape (or equivalent adhesive tape), and the shedding area shall not exceed 10%.