Industrial product inspection

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Industrial product inspection

Industrial product inspection is different from consumer product inspection. In the role of supply chain, industrial product inspection not only faces the factory, but also provides customized services for EPC. Real-time evaluation of quality control points throughout the entire production process; For mechanical products, it is required to pass the whole machine operation test; The inspection personnel shall meet the professional qualification requirements.

What is Industrial Products Inspection?

Industrial Products are used for manufacture or operation. QC YSI Industrial Services is able to provide professional and efficient testing, inspection service for such industrials as petrochemical, new energy, power and machinery.

Category of Industrial Inspection

· 1. Supplier assessment

· 2. During production inspection

· 3. Final random inspection- FRI

· 4. Pre-shipment inspection- PSI

· 5. Witness test

· 6. Document review

· 7. Loading supervision

· 8. Sampling

· 9. Expediting

· 10. Used machine inspection