Infant Product Inspection

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QC YSI Infant Product Inspection

Inspection standards of infant products and on-site inspection points

Different countries have different production standards for infant products. According to the customer needs, the quality and safety standards of the corresponding export countries will be used to test the corresponding infant products. During the inspection process, if there is no special demand, the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits, acceptable quality limit) is adopted to define the degree and acceptable range of product defects.

The general inspection points of the inspector at the infant product inspection site are as follows:

1. Bite test

2. Drop test

3. Product size / weight measurement

4. Color difference inspection

5. Functional check

6. Stability test

7. Humidity test of wood composition

8. Impact / dynamic testing

9. Tape test for printed labels / coating adhesion testing

10. Tension test

11. Waterproof test

12. Barcode scanning test

13. Odor inspection

Baby product inspection service coverage

1. Clothing: baby jumpsuit, baby swimsuit, walking shoes, functional shoes, children's sports shoes, baby socks, baby hats, etc.;

2. Feeding: milk bottle, milk bottle brush, milk bottle sterilizer & milk heater, auxiliary food grinder, children's tableware, children's thermos cup, infant dining car, baby tooth gum, pacifier, etc.;

3. Washing and care: baby tub, baby washbasin, baby bath towel, towel, saliva towel, bib, etc.;

4. Life care: crib, bed circumference, toddler fence, child seat, ear warm gun, baby nail safety scissors, baby nose pump, baby medicine feeder, etc.;

5. Travel: baby stroller, baby safety seat, scooter, etc.