Inspection and Detection of Barbecue Bluetooth Thermometer

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When people think of Bluetooth, they think of Bluetooth headsets, but they don't know that Bluetooth can also be used in food thermometers. With the development of society, food thermometers have been greatly developed.

Temperature is one of the most important parameters in the food industry. Different types of food, processing and transportation have different temperature requirements to ensure quality. There are various kinds of food thermometers in operation according to the purpose of their use, and the Bluetooth barbecue thermometer is one of them. In the digital way to show the temperature to people, more intuitive, the most important is the health and safety package guarantee. The basis of its design is: the use of solid, liquid, gas under the influence of temperature and thermal expansion cold contraction phenomenon; Under constant volume condition, the pressure of gas (or vapor) varies with different temperature; The effect of thermoelectric effect; Resistance varies with temperature; The influence of thermal radiation, etc.

The Thai surveyor of the inventory tells you how this kind of barbecue Bluetooth thermometer is tested:

1. Bluetooth pairing function inspection;

2. Power saving power consumption test;

3. Bluetooth LED light distance inspection;

4.OTA firmware upgrade inspection;

5. Temperature accuracy test;

6. Current and voltage test;

7. Restore factory test Settings;

8. Functional testing;

8.1 Detector Test

8.2 Plug Plug function test

8.3 Button test;

9. Size/weight inspection;

10. Sensing function test;