Inspection requirements and inspection methods for children's watches

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With the rise of wearable devices, children's smartwatches are also rising in the market tide. Children's smartwatches have almost become the "standard equipment" for children, and are exported to the EU, the United States and South Korea in large quantities. The corresponding quality inspection problems also arise one after another.

On April 22, the Australian ACCC notified a children's smartwatch recall case, recall the reason is that the battery buckle is not strong, button battery may cause choking to children or lead to serious disease hazards.

Children's smartwatch inspection standard GB/T 41411-2022, this standard will be officially implemented on November 1, 2022. The inspection requirements of children's watches and the inspection methods of children's smart watches are specified.

1. Reliability of use

1.1 Observe the working and display status of the children's watch, press the function button of the children's watch, and check the working status of each function of the children's watch. Children's watches in normal use conditions should not stop, zero, parts, components should not fall off by themselves;

1.2 The digital display of LCD children's quartz watches and hands and LCD digital children's quartz watches should be normal, without missing scratches, double shadows and non-display phenomena, and the function keys should be flexible and reliable. The digital display of children's smartwatch should be normal, and the function keys should be flexible and reliable.

2. Vibration resistance

Children's watch should not stop after the vibration resistance test, zero components should not be loose, damage phenomenon. In addition, different types of children

Quartz watches should also meet the following requirements:

- The change of instantaneous diurnal difference before and after the test of liquid crystal quartz watch for children should comply with the relevant provisions:

- The real running error of the pointer type children's quartz watch, pointer type and LCD digital children's quartz watch before and after the test should not exceed 10s;

- LCD children's quartz watch and pointer, LCD digital children's quartz watch digital display should be normal.

3. Waterproof performance

Children's watches marked "waterproof" shall comply with the provisions of GB/T30106 for their waterproof performance. The display function should be normal during and after the test.

4. Shock resistance

For children's watches marked "shockproof", the shockproof performance shall meet the requirements of quartz watches in GB/T38022. No "shockproof" mark children's watch, after the shockproof performance test, should not stop, the liquid crystal display is normal, zero, part, components should not loose, fall off and damage.

5. Corrosion resistance

After the corrosion performance test of children's watches, the surface of the shell and its accessories should not be visually visible corrosion points, corrosion deposits and salting out.

6. Anti-static performance

LCD children's quartz watches and hands, LCD digital children's quartz watches and children's smartwatches should not stop or reset during and after the anti-static performance test, and the display and operation parts of the watch should function normally after the test.

7. Chemical properties

The content of removable elements, the plasticizer, the nickel release amount and the harmful substance limit of leather materials in the accessible appearance parts and the parts in contact with the human body of children's watches shall meet the relevant requirements.

8. Adhesion of overlay

In the testing area of the child's watch housing or its strap, use a ruler and a hard steel paddle knife with sharp corners to score a 2mmx2mm square. Apply enough pressure so that the blade can cut through the overburden to the base material in one go; After that, dry the cover of the test area with 29N/cm~3.3N/cm tape without residual glue and carefully extricate air bubbles. Ten seconds later, the tape was quickly torn apart with a force perpendicular to the surface of the dry covering layer, and the surface of the covering layer and the tape were examined with a low-power microscope.

Children's watch shell and watchband with a covering layer after the adhesion test, the surface of the covering layer should not be cracked, bubbling and separation, fall off and other phenomena.

9. External force resistance of accessories

The children's watch buckle synthetic ring, according to the method shown in the following figure to the watchband to apply 50N static tension F and keep for more than 5s, after the test check the accessories of the children's watch. Children's watch after the external resistance of the accessory performance test, watch connection parts and watchband should be no parts falling off and cracking phenomenon.

Attached is the test diagram of force resistance

10. Tensile torsion fatigue

Children watch after tensile torsion fatigue test, watch strap should be no crack or fracture. The elongation of the rubber watchband should not be greater than 3%, the deformation of the buckle hole should not be greater than 50%.

11. Appearance

Under the condition that the illumination value of the inspection surface is not less than 600lx, the inspection shall be carried out at the clear distance from the inspector.

- Children's watch dial should be clean, all kinds of character patterns should be accurate and clear, there should be no obvious defects and defects.

- The glass, back cover and inlaid decorative pieces of children's watch should be firmly matched with the shell, and there is no obvious gap or defect at the joint. Watch glass should be clean and clear.

- The appearance of children's watches should not have obvious pitting, scratches, burrs, sharp edges and other defects affecting safe wearing and use. Its shape should not cause harm to the human body.

- Safety warning sign: Pass visual inspection. The children's watch shall have Chinese safety warning labels on the instruction manual, label, logo or package. The safety warning labels shall be eye-catching, easy to read, easy to understand and not easy to erase. The contents of the safety warning labels are similar to the following:

"Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years old. It contains small parts."

The warning of specific dangers should be marked in the packaging or instruction manual of the children's watch.

12. Operating temperature

Children's smart watches should work normally in the operating temperature range of -5° to 50°.

13. Static positioning

The static positioning performance of children's smartwatches in the hot start state should meet the requirements in the following table. Where, effective positioning rate is the number of effective positioning times divided by the total number of static positioning tests; average distance error is the arithmetic average of positioning distance error under effective positioning; average positioning time is the arithmetic average of positioning time under effective positioning.

14 Call

Children's smartwatches with the function of talking should have the network access permit for telecommunications equipment and the type approval permit for radio transmission equipment.

15 Electromagnetic Radiation

The local exposure limits for children's smartwatches should meet the requirements in the following table.

Local exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation

16. Information security

16.1 Upgrade Function

- Children's smartwatch operating system updates should be supported.

- Use at least one security mechanism, encrypted transmission is recommended, to ensure security during the upgrade.

16.2 Identity Authentication

Children's smartwatches should have the following identification functions:

- The user identity should be identified and authenticated. The identity identity should be unique and there should be no duplicate user identity. - The authentication credentials of the user should be protected to prevent the leakage and tampering of the authentication credentials;

- Functions such as login failure handling and timeout safety handling should be provided. Measures such as locking the user account or ending the session after consecutive login failures, and automatically exiting the user if the session connection times out, etc.

- When the mobile application or management platform uses the password to log in, the user should be forced to change the initial password at the first login, and the password complexity check;

- If the user identity information is lost or invalid, the user identity information should be reset or other technical measures should be taken to ensure system security.

16.3 Access Control

Children's smartwatches should have the following access control functions:

- Access control should be provided. Assign accounts and permissions to logged-in users:

- Different users should be granted the small permissions necessary to complete their respective tasks, and a relationship of mutual restriction should be formed between them.

16.4 Data Security

Children's smartwatches should have the following data security features:

- Data validity check function should be provided to ensure that the input through the man-machine interface or communication interface meets the requirements set by the system;

- Cryptographic technology shall be adopted to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of important data during transmission and storage, including but not limited to authentication data, important business data and sensitive personal information.

16.5 Personal Information Protection

Children's smartwatches should have the following personal information protection requirements:

- The purpose, method and scope of collection and use of personal information should be clearly stated;

- Personal information shall be collected, stored and used after obtaining the user's consent, and for sensitive personal information, users' express consent shall be sought;

- Only personal information necessary for business should be collected, stored and used;

- Unauthorized access and use of personal information should be prohibited;

- Users' right to correct and delete their personal information and cancel their accounts shall be protected.

16.6 Battery Safety

The performance of lithium batteries used in children's smartwatches should meet the requirements of GB31241.

16.7 Charging the device Safely

Children's smartwatches should be designed in such a way that they cannot be used when charging, and the charger should comply with the relevant regulations of GB49431.

16.8 Wear the safe temperature

The surface temperature limits of the external accessible parts of children's smartwatches shall comply with the provisions of Table A3.