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Disposable gloves qualified inspection standards

1. The basic size:Measured with common measuring tool.

2. Appearance:Use visual check under natural light. Whether the transparent white

3. The sealing:The disposable gloves end water sealing lowered, should be no leakage

4. Sample:1. The disposable gloves must be approved by the quality inspection department testing, qualified rear can submit the acceptance.

2. Must be set to submit inspection, check points batch-by-batch inspection and periodic inspection.

3. Check the lot by lot

4. Batch-by-batch inspection shall be conducted according to GB/T2828.1-2003.5. Sampling USES a sampling plan, sampling plan rigor from normal inspection, the nonconforming product classification, the classification of the nonconforming product group, inspection items, acceptable quality level (AQL) and check the water, according to the provisions of GB/T2829-2002.