Inspection standards and main points of on-site inspection for luggage and bags

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Inspection standards and main points of on-site inspection for luggage and bags

As a professional third party inspection organization, the database will identify and control quality problems at the source. Bag inspection is an important part of quality assurance for retailers and brands by identifying defects and non-compliance at different stages of the bag production process. For the inspection (inspection) of luggage bar products, the inspection library shall adopt AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) to define the degree and acceptable range of product defects.

The inspection points of the inspector at the scene of inspection are as follows:

1. Drop test

2. Check the ratio and quantity

3. Coating adhesion test

4. Color difference check

5. Function check

6. Reliability testing of zippers/buttons/clasps or any other functional components

7. Product size/weight measurement

8. Scan the bar code

9. Needle test (with sewing parts)

10. Assembly inspection

11. Color fastness test

12. Handle/belt strength check

13. Packing check

14. Odor and mold inspection

15. Feel check

16. Waterproof test

17. Joint tension test

Luggage inspection service covers the product range

1. Pencil/makeup/thermal/laundry/Fanny pack/folder or briefcase/simple bag

2. Card bag/purse

3. Handbag/backpack/school bag [without casters]/ travel bag

4. Trolley case/bag [with casters]