Key points of eye umbrella inspection​

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Key points of eye umbrella inspection:

1. Check for missing parts of the umbrella (handle, bead, cap, cap washer, top cover, etc.) 2. Check whether the umbrella cap, top cover, bead tail and other parts of the umbrella fall off easily 3.

Check that the assembly of the umbrella is consistent with the sample. Is the color consistent with the sample?


Check umbrella surface, umbrella bone for cracks, damage, scratches, dirt, other miscellaneous water marks, etc. The seam of the umbrella surface should not be separated, the edge should be exposed, there should be no defects such as skipping pins and broken wires, and the stitch spacing should be no less than 15 stitches within 5CM. The pattern on the top of the umbrella should not be clearly misaligned. The umbrella surface should not be broken, the textile fabric should not skip yarn and the total of broken warp and weft at the same point should not be more than 4.

5. Check whether all logos printed on the umbrella are clear and complete (including the outer packaging).

6. Check whether the size of the umbrella meets the requirements. The size should not be smaller than the specified size, and the deviation is +5MM.

7. Check the safety requirements of the umbrella. In the process of use, the parts that can be touched should not be exposed to the acute Angle, fast mouth, burr and wire tip. If found, it is judged to be seriously unqualified. Direct return is available.

8. Other packing methods, etc. They all need to meet the company's requirements. Two. Eye umbrella test:

1. Switch performance: Hold the umbrella handle and turn it back and forth three times (the umbrella cannot be opened without pressing the self-opening button), and then switch the umbrella on and off for five times.

2. Automatic opening force: large force should not be greater than 30N, small force should not be less than 3N.

3. Fastness to the combination between the handle and the rod and the cap and the rod: Fix the rod, hang the weight on the handle or use a force measuring instrument, and apply 150N tension along the axial direction of the rod. The pull of the umbrella hat is 70N.

4. No fault continuous switching times: hand open straight bone umbrella switch 600 times, automatic straight bone umbrella switch 400 times, automatic folding umbrella switch 300 times, there should be no rivet fall off, clamp code, clamp shift, chain disk wire fracture, loose, umbrella disk defect, spring failure, umbrella bone break, seam off, seam eye off, handle shift, coating peeling phenomenon.

5. Rainproof test: After the test under the rainproof device, the umbrella rod does not drip, and there should be no dripping or obvious foglike phenomenon in the umbrella surface.(Generally, the height H from the bottom of the umbrella cap to the sprinkler head is 700mm-900mm, and the umbrella surface is rotated around the umbrella rod at a speed of 5R/min, and the spray volume should reach (3.6+5)L/min, and the surface should be kept within the rainproof range. They were observed within 2 minutes.)

6. Other tests should be done for different umbrellas, such as salt water test, dyeing fastness test, wind strength measurement of umbrella bone, UV protection and so on.