Lighting Product Inspection

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YSI Lighting Product Inspection

Inspection scope of lighting products

-Wall light, wall light, ceiling light, pendant light, ceiling light, cabinet light, closet light, spot light, track light, spot light, induction light

-Bathroom Lights, Work Lights, Floor/Table Lamps, Fluorescent Lights, Party Lights, Rock Lamps, Pillar Lights, Neon Lights, Energy Saving Lights, Night Lights

-LED light, halogen light

-Bicycle Light


- torch

- Bulbs, String Lights, Rainbow Lights, String Lights

-Solar decorative lights, solar lights, underwater lighting equipment

- Glowing Christmas tree, Christmas tree [with lights], Christmas doll

On-site inspection and inspection points of lighting fixtures

1. Visual inspection

2. Product size/weight check

3. Barcode Scanning Check

4. Assembly/Installation Inspection

5. Assembly test

6. Full function test

7. Coating attachment test

8. Color fastness inspection

9. Silkscreen Test

10. Transport drop test

11. Stability Test

12. High Voltage Test

13. Power-on inspection

14. Ground test

15. Function/Current Check

16. Power cord pull test

17. Internal workmanship inspection

18. Product drop test

19. Burn-in test

20. Disassembly test

YSI provides professional third-party inspection services to ensure that lighting products, LED lamps, solar lamps, etc. comply with standard regulations and target market requirements, avoid losses caused by product recalls, and ensure supply chain security.