Luggage Bag Inspection

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YSI Luggage Bag Inspection

Luggage bag inspection standards and on-site inspection points

As a professional third-party inspection organization, YSI will identify and control the quality problems at the source. Luggage inspection is an important part of quality assurance for retailers and brands to identify defects and non-compliance at different stages of the Luggage production process. For the inspection (inspection) of trunk bar products, the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) is adopted to define the defect degree and acceptable range of the product.

The inspection points of the inspector at the suitcase bag inspection site are as follows:

1. Drop test

2. Check the ratio and quantity

3. Coating adhesion test

4. Color difference inspection

5. Functional check

6. Reliability test of zipper / button / button or any other functional components

7. Product size / weight measurement

8. Barcode scanning and check

9. Needle inspection (with sewing parts)

10. Assembly inspection

11. Color fastness test

12. Handle / belt strength inspection

13. Backing and inspection

14. Smell and mold checks

15. Touch-feel check

16. Waterproof test

17. Joint tension test

Luggage bag inspection service covers the product range

1. Pen bag / makeup bag / insulation bag / laundry bag / purse / folder or briefcase / simple small bag

2. Card bag / wallet

3. Handbag / backpack / school bag [no casters] / travel bag

4. Pull box / bag [with casters]