Maritime safety inspection preloading/outturn survey bunker quantity surv off hire surveyey cargo damage survey ship damage survey draft survey supercargo service cargo measurement survey

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  • YSI is a professional inspection organization and industrial company engaged in international maritime inspection of import and export commodity inspection, domestic commodity inspection and identification, import and export commodity technical consultation. Inspectors are stationed at every port in the country. Our BUSINESS scope COVERS almost all items of ship inspection: fuel and ship condition inspection, ship and cargo damage inspection, refueling inspection, water meter weight inspection, cargo inspection, loading and unloading supervision, etc.

  • In addition, the company also focuses on the quality and weight inspection of mineral products, committed to providing protective agent services to customers. Products cover iron ore, coal, nickel ore, bauxite, chromium ore, manganese ore, coke and so on. We have set up mineral testing laboratories in Qingdao, Rizhao, Tianjin and other places, and have a professional testing team.

  • Since its establishment, the company pays attention to maintaining good cooperative relations with Chinese government departments, and wins the recognition of customers with high quality and fast service. At present, the company has a group of stable world famous customers, for the stable development of the company to provide a strong support.

  • In the future, the company will continue to meet the requirements of customers, with rich practical experience, strong technical strength, perfect service network, continue to expand the scope of business and service, improve service quality, to provide fair, effective and fast service, to help customers achieve sustainable business development.

Scope of Marine Inspection Services:

1. Offshore crude oil inspection and identification service

2. Methanol shipment inspection

3. Coal inspection service

4. Import and export commodity appraisal service


  • 1.preloading/outturn survey

  • 2. bunker quantity survey

  • 3. cargo damage survey

  • 4. ship damage survey

  • 5. draft survey

  • 6.supercargo service

  • 7.cargo measurement survey

  • 8.on/off hire survey

  • 9.oil pollution investigation

  • 10.full condition survey