Methods and standards for inspection of bath towels

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Bath towels are an integral part of our daily lives and we use them in the shower. But the quality of many of these textile fiber products cannot reach the national standard at all, such as square towel, face towel, bath towel, towel and so on. Then how do you inspect bath towels? Methods and standards for inspection of bath towels.

I. Definition and classification of bath towels

(1) The concept of bath towels

Woven fabric made of textile fibers with a surface that is raised or cut with a surface that is used for washing and wiping fabrics that are directly in contact with the human body (such as square towels, face towels, bath towels, towelettes, etc.).

(2) Classification of bath towels

According to the distribution of hair rings, it can be divided into single and double hair. According to different production processes, it can be divided into: weaving before bleaching and bleaching before weaving; According to the production mode can be divided into: plain color, color, printing, secant line, flat knitting, jacquard, segment file, spiral and so on.

(3) Bath towel knowledge

1. How to distinguish the quality of bath towels

First, appearance observation: bath towels are finely stitched, neatly cuffed, with the same length and width, no folds, and upright fleece; The color is pure and bright, no uneven phenomenon of depth is good.

Second, hand touch: a good cotton bath towel feels fluffy, soft and not greasy. It feels soft and elastic when it is held in the fist, and no lint falls off when it is beaten.

Third, smell: A good bath towel should have no odor.

2. Use of bath towels

(1) Bath towels should be dedicated and separated.

(2) Pay attention to the hygiene of bath towels and wash and disinfect them frequently.

(3) Everything has a use period. Home textile experts believe that the use period of bath towels is generally about 3 months. After the use period, bath towels are dirty and hard, which will harm health and become a new source of pollution.

2. Test index of bath towel quality

1. Matching specifications of bath towels and other products

Bath towel is a large rectangular towel used to wipe the body and cover the body after bathing or swimming. It requires moisture absorption, water storage and good heat preservation. In addition, face towel is a rectangular towel used for daily washing, with soft, clean, elegant, strong style characteristics. Square towel is a small square towel, also known as sweat towel, handkerchief towel. Beach towel is a towel product used to cover the body of a shawl or to spread the floor during a beach holiday or picnic. The design is beautiful, absorbent and antifouling.

2. Quality inspection of bath towels

① Routine inspection of bath towel products: At present, there are no general standards for quality inspection of bath towel products in the world, nor do we have a unified national standard. In the world, there are ASTM D 3821-81 ASTM D Standard Performance Specification for Woven Loop Fabrics for Domestic Kitchen and Bathroom (used to test the standard performance of woven loop fabrics such as towels, bath towels, kitchen towels and square towels), ASTM D Standard performance specifications for public woven tea Towels, floating pine and towel Fabrics, Bath Towels to JIS L 4105-1997, etc.

(2) Use safety performance detection: bath towel products are in close contact with people and are used frequently. Therefore, some European and American countries require safety testing of bath towel products, mainly to test the formaldehyde content and pH value of bath towel products.

3. Functional test of bath towels

(1) Detection of high water absorption performance: high water absorption bath towels have the characteristics of fast water absorption and strong dehumidification ability. They are generally used to quickly dry hair and body surface moisture. High absorbent bath towels have higher requirements for absorbent and water storage.

(2) Antibacterial detection: bath towels are directly in contact with human skin, and are often in a state of high humidity and high water content (moisture content is greater than 9%), which is susceptible to microbial action and mildew. In the state of high humidity and high water content, bacteria are easy to multiply and survive. Several kinds of bacteria that are not easy to survive outside the human body can survive for several hours in a wet bath towel at normal temperature, and can survive for 1 to 2 days at 0℃. The antibacterial performance of the antibacterial bath towel should be tested. The permanent antibacterial bath towel should have a long-term antibacterial effect, while the antibacterial effect of the temporary antibacterial bath towel will decrease with the increase of washing times.

③ Soft performance test: ultra-soft bath towels should be tested for soft performance and feel. Skin safety and skin irritation performance should be tested.