On-site inspection of desktop tools

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On-site inspection of desktop tools

First, stapler inspection

1) Definition of stapler

A stapler is a desktop tool that holds multiple sheets of paper to staples

2) Stapler structure drawing

3) Stapler requirements

(1) Flexible coordination between parts. During nailing, the nailing device moves smoothly in the nailing path and can be reset in time. The stapler can be pressed out one by one and then bent in the slot, and can successfully finish all the staples in the stapler.

(2) When the stapler is used, observe the shape of the bent foot of the staple. The nail surface is smooth, the nail foot should be symmetrical, no stitching, shoulder resistance, foot warping and other defects.

(3) Two layers of paper staples can not penetrate the surface of the paper again.

(4) Service life of more than 20,000 times.

4) Stapler function and performance test: field test with 50 standard staples

2. Inspection of manual pen sharpener

1) Performance of manual pen sharpener

(1) Cutting offset core: offset core is not more than 3MM

(2) The number of turning cycles: the number of turning cycles required to complete the cutting process of the cutting pencil is 16-35

(3) Pencil lead Angle: the contour vertebral body Angle formed by cutting pencil is 13-22 degrees

(4) The aperture of pencil insertion: the aperture of the feeding device and the tool holder should not be less than 8mm

(5) pen tip diameter: non-adjustable pen sharpener 0.45-0.65mm, adjustable pen sharpener 0.5-2.0mm

(6) Cutting torque: less than 78.5N.m

(7) Durability: cutting the pencil more than 5000 times, and the number of broken lead is not more than 5 times

(8) chip box function: chip box and the shell with good sealing, in the cutting process should not be pen chip leakage

Field inspection and FAQs of stationery sets

1. Inspection of stationery sets

(1) The outer package of stationery set is not damaged, and the functions of handle and buckle are not missing

(2) The picture display of stationery inside the set and the outer package, the picture list, the customer's requirements are consistent

(3) The function of stationery in the set is not missing

(4) The appearance of each stationery in the set shall be inspected according to the usual requirements

Field inspection and FAQ of other stationery

1. Inspection of students' schoolbags

1) Structure drawing of backpack

2) Load-bearing requirements of students' schoolbags: In the load-bearing test of schoolbags, handles, braces, adjusting belts, carabiners, carabiners, and bag bodies are not listed

(1) Swing test

The book bag is attached in accordance with the regulations, respectively test the strap and the handle: hang in the air, the strap belongs to the longest state, or adjust the distance from the swing axis to 50cm-60cm, swing 30 times (to and back as 1), swing Angle is (60±3) °, after the swing stops, check whether the strap, the handle, the adjusting belt and the carabiners of the book bag are firm. Measure the length of the linking part within 2min to see if the deformation exceeds 20% compared to the original length

(2) Static and drop test

Measure the length of the connecting parts on the book bag. The book bag is 1.2 times of the stipulated load, suspended in the air (the strap is in the longest state), and the bottom of the book bag is 60cm from the ground (the surface of the ground is hardwood), so that the force is uniform and the state is static and correct. 30min later, it is dropped vertically to check whether the straps, handles, adjusting belts and carabiners are firm. Within 2min, the lengths of the linking straps, handles, adjusting belts and carabiners are measured to see whether the deformation exceeds 20% compared with the original length