Product Testing Service

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YSI focuses on analysis, testing, identification, testing services.  The analysis fields include component analysis, formula analysis, failure analysis, structure analysis, methodology development and verification, raw material quality control/evaluation, consistency evaluation, characteristic analysis, etc.  The testing field involves physical and chemical performance testing, toxic and harmful substances testing, flame retardant performance testing, reliability testing and other directions;  The field of appraisal involves mechanical equipment quality appraisal, safety accident appraisal, electronic and electrical appliance appraisal, material appraisal and other directions;  The test fields include energy spectrum, electron microscope, wave spectrum, chromatography, mass spectrum and other directions.The team leader and the main testing personnel adhere to the Alma mater's idea of learning and practicing, and serve the public with a rigorous and realistic working attitude.  At present, on the basis of the original component analysis and testing, formula reduction technology services, our hospital introduces new service items, and optimizes the original items, to provide customers with cross-industry free value-added services.  Moreover, we also actively customize personalized technical solutions for customers to help enterprises find problems and grasp the quality of products.  The development of our hospital needs the support of customers and peers, your satisfaction is our biggest power!