Sample Picking Service (SPS)

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Sample Picking Service (SPS)

Sample Picking Service (SPS) is performed when you pick shipment samples or testing samples allowing you to best assess whether the productions meet your quality needs and market standards. YSI ensures the samples are picked up from the mass production lot randomly to prevent samples “arranged” by the factory which can’t represent the mass production lot.

What is Sample Picking Service (SPS)

Sample Picking Service aims to select cartons more randomly to gain the accurate inspection results to reflect the actual quality. Moreover, it also defined YSI carton sealing procedures to well identity which cartons were selected and sealed or which cartons were re-packed and sealed by us. It can help client to well evaluate our inspector(s) performance particular when any quality issue raises from client.

YSI’s Sampling Picking service is covering more than 100 cities in Asia. YSI’s local inspectors and fast response, enables you easily to arrange the sample picking conveniently and shorten the time on the process.

Why Do You Need Sample Picking Services in China

Manufacturers usually work with extremely skillful sample producers. To ensure you’re receiving what you asked for, it is important to know exactly where your production samples come from. Once the product goes into production, it may differ from the approved sample in various ways. Blindly trusting and approving the samples sent to you by the factory can be risky as the final product may not reflect actual production.

YSI provides our clients with flexible and safe sample picking services in China. Getting samples right the first time and having a complete sample review plan reduces time spent and improves efficiency for any business. We make sure the samples you receive are authentic and as per your specifications.

Having a complete sample review plan is the key to launching a new product or product line for your business. To arrange for a sample pickup, please call us 24 hours in advance whenever possible

What are the essentials for carton sampling method?

1. Inspector(s) shall draw samples from the lot or batch by his own will;

2. Samples shall include all product features: items, colors, sizes, etc.;

3. Samples shall include all production stages: packed and not packed (completed products that were allowed for inspection by the factory / supplier);

4. Samples shall include all production line or factories;

5. Samples shall include all available production periods: serial number, date code, etc. Within the lot;

6. Samples shall be taken form the selected cartons/ packs on proportional basis;

7. Cartons stacks in various areas or various layer/corners within the areas shall be selected;

8. Carton numbers shall not close to one another;

9. Cartons shall include all destinations/ports;

10. Cartons shall include all colors of nylon strap or different appearance of cartons (color, style of markings, etc).

How does YSI perform carton and defect samples stamping?

1. Identified the selected cartons, jotted down the carton no# with significant stamp by YSI Inspection Sampling stamp, if allowed by the factory. Check those stamps whenever inspector had left the cartons or samples unattended.

2. In case of carton no# not yet assigned on the export carton before inspection than YSI inspector would carefully check the PO, Art./Style No# or some identification No# or description marked on carton must be correct. Moreover, inspectors would pay extra care to select the carton and samples more randomly to protect our interest.

3. YSI Inspection Sampling stamp is lapped over to gummed tapes and carton so that inspectors can easy detect when any cartons were re-opened/ re-sealed before inspection.

4. Ensure that the selected samples will not be changed or taken away by the factory worker (e.g. unpack the goods)

5. Inspectors ascot factory workers to transit those selected cartons from the selecting area/warehouse to inspection site. If the inspection situation not allows inspector to ascot such transiting process than inspectors need to re-check the carton no# and significant stamp on cartons to well identify the goods were selected by us.

6. During inspection, defects are identified by arrow sticker/clip or some specific indicator and segregated from the good samples.

7. If defect samples are drawn for applicant’s decision it should be described type of defects on YSI defective sticker and stuck on the goods or packing materials. And the defect samples should protect against to eliminate any deterioration during transportation.