So, how should the water dispenser inspect the goods? What are the inspection standards and inspection methods for water dispensers?

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Water is the source of life. People need to drink water when they are thirsty. In the past, we used to boil water in a kettle and keep it in a thermos. Now there is a water dispenser, most people drink water on the water dispenser pour water to drink, convenient, labor saving. However, some days ago, the safety of water fountains has also been concerned by the public. People want their diet to be healthy, so a qualified water fountain is very necessary. So, how should the water dispenser inspect the goods? What are the inspection standards and inspection methods for water dispensers?  


I. Packaging inspection  

(1) Packing box materials are correct, packing plastic bags, foam and other complete without defects, packing box size qualified;  

(2) Packing boxes, foam and plastic bags have no obvious dirty damage and deformation;  

③ The packaging marks should be colorless. The packing case shall be marked with product name, model, specification, trademark, quantity, color, volume, weight, manufacturer's name, place of origin, packing date and product implementation standard, etc. It shall also have storage and transportation marks such as tilt limit, fear of wet, upward, handle with care, stacking limit and so on.  

(4) The quality standard of the packing belt must meet the following conditions: (1) the packing belt of the outer box has no obvious cracking, fault, falling off, loosening, or even no packing belt; (2) The joint length at the suture must be greater than 3CM, and the contact area must be greater than 95%; (3) Under normal circumstances, hold the product for 5S when lifting it 1 m ~ 1.5 m high with both hands, and there should be no abnormal reaction on the packaging belt; ④ When the same batch of products are put into storage, if the proportion of unqualified packaging belt acceptance is greater than 0.01% of the total quantity, this batch of products will be rejected.  


Two, label inspection  

① The body should be affixed with: nameplate, circuit diagram, certificate of qualification and related warnings and other signs, symbols must be standardized, each label position is correct, paste smooth, firm, no wrinkle, no roll.  

② The mark is clear and obvious, easy to understand, and durable. The logo should still be legible after 15 seconds of each wipe with a cloth dipped in water and alcohol.  


Three, cleaning problem  

There is no residual water in the pipes of the body, and the water holding equipment and surface are clean, without impurities and dirt; Power supply wire and plug clean, no oil, etc.  


Four, appearance detection  

① Plastic parts: smooth surface, uniform color, no obvious cracks, scratches and dents, plastic parts without noise, flying edge, edge, shrinkage, fusion marks, top white and obvious shrinkage holes and other defects. All colors meet the requirements of the drawing.  

(2) Rubber parts: the pipe wall is clean, the wall thickness is uniform, no delamination, damage, no crack, impurities are allowed, but the length and width of impurities are not more than 1.5mm, the height is not more than 0.5mm.  

③ Other parts: no obvious appearance of dirt, dust, scratches, burrs and deformation.  

Five, internal wiring  

The wire should not be in contact with the raw edge or the exposed part of the hot tank; Each plug needs to add protective cover, shall not be exposed; The connecting wire shall not be subjected to excessive tension; Yellow/green cables can only be connected to the ground end; Aluminum core wires cannot be used for internal wiring. The conductor is properly routed, neatly bundled, and not loose and disorderly. The grounding end is marked with a grounding symbol.  


Vi. Water outlet inspection  

Faucet installation position is correct, valve cover screw tight, faucet lock nut screw appropriate, not too tight or too loose. The water outlet goes straight down. Faucet button operation is flexible, and after 5000 times of open and close test without damage  


Seven, switch, button control inspection  

Switch button open and close sensitive action, open and close freely. Indicator light display is correct, the indicator light should be directly in the decorative panel light hole position, no obvious dislocation. The maximum timer duration is 30±4 minutes.  


Viii. Acceptance standard of finished water dispenser  

GB/T2828.1-2003, GB/T22090-2008, GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.13-2008, GB4706.19-2008, etc