The bag inspection method and step guide

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Bags and suitcases can be seen everywhere in our daily life, big to travel bag, small to handbag, is an indispensable human production and life of a necessity. Therefore, the inspection and detection of bags and cases is particularly important. So how to inspect the bags, this article will introduce the bag inspection method and step guide.

First, the common method of bag inspection

1. Overall appearance. The shape is required to be correct, upright and stable, without uneven and crooked phenomenon. Leather fabrics shall not have obvious disability, artificial leather, synthetic leather fabrics shall not have obvious bumps, printing, the main parts of the textile fabric shall not have broken warp, broken weft, jump yarn and other defects.

2. Quality of accessories. The main accessories include handles, zippers, rings, decorative pieces, etc. Smooth surface, no burr; Bright metal coating, no corrosion; Spray parts surface coating color uniform, no leakage spray, peeling.

3. Load-bearing performance. It is required that the straps, handles, side handles, side straps and side mops should not be broken, deformed, loose or damaged after testing the luggage of different specifications under the specified load conditions.

4. Impact resistance. There is no damage to all parts of the product after the drop test under the specified loading conditions.

5. Zipper flat pull strong. The main categories of zippers are injection zippers, nylon zippers and metal zippers, each zipper has different models, and the requirements for flat strength are different.

6. Suture strength. The stitching strength of travel bag should not be less than 196N.

Two, the steps of bag inspection

1. Confirm whether the size of the finished package is correct. For example: After 29 "*20" * (11 "+3")

2. Check whether the raw materials meet the company's requirements.

A. Fabric and lining (whether the thickness, color, density, thickness and color fastness of the yarn meet the standard; non-whitening and softness of the PVC backed with glue; cleanliness, brightness and drawing degree of the yarn)

B. Mesh (mesh shape, grams per meter, color)

C. Artificial leather to meet the requirements of the order thickness, the glue should be dense enough, not easy to tear.

D. Nylon zipper (according to the requirements of the order, whether the size, specification, color and color fastness of the main pull, bag pull and inner pull are correct, the pull teeth should be smooth without noise, and should not be stuck or too tight, the density and width of the zipper fabric edge should meet the requirements of the specific order).

E. Pull head + pull piece (pull head size specification, whether there is a keyhole, pull head nose can not be broken, pull piece letter, color, size is correct)

F. Ribbon, band, elastic (color, grain, gram weight, thickness, color fastness, tightness)

G. Pipe strip, Angle guard strip (color, color fastness, material, size and specification are correct)

H. Plastic accessories (plastic products such as handle, hook, hook and D-shaped buckle shall be subjected to destructive test, whether the size, color and shape of the buckle, hook, D-shaped buckle and name card frame meet the requirements of the order.)

I. Hardware accessories (color, anti-acid treatment, size, wire diameter, anti-rust treatment of special steel nails)

J. Steel wire, iron frame and honeycomb frame (wire diameter of steel wire, width of iron frame and honeycomb frame after forming)

K. Pull rod and wheel (pull rod should be smooth when pulled up, without noise and heavy shaking, press the finger type pull rod to pull up or down, each of the three and two sections should be able to jam)

L. Trademark (whether the letters, sizes, colors, etc are correct). Whether the cloth label is correct.

M. Packaging (lifting card, cable, carton, quality and printing content is correct)

3. Finished bag inspection: front piece, back piece, middle and inside

A. Whether the front piece is flat and the corner should not be wrinkled.

B. Splicing piece straight line, false line can not leak.

C. The Angle guard of the front and rear tubes should be symmetrical.

D. The position of the webbing is in the middle of the position after the expansion zipper is opened.

E. After the side nail is finished, there should be no wire drawing and damage. The upper hand handle should be placed flat, and there should be no gap between the square circle and the holding and pushing handle and the lute head when it is placed flat. The handle line is double line.

F. The back card bag should not be crooked, but symmetrical. The corners of the back piece should not be wrinkled.

G. There should be no gap between the corner wheel and the pipe strip. The assembly of the corner wheel should be parallel to the bottom, and there should be no internal and external figure-eight.

H. The front foot seat must be tied at the second line of the enclosing double line.

I. All lining cloth, bag edge band, zipper, mesh cloth can not have color difference.

J. The side joint of the tie box should be 1/4 down. (Special attention).

K. The stitch length of the car thread is 1 inch 5.5-6 stitches, 4.5 stitches for the handle, 5.5 stitches for the bag, and 7 stitches for the computer car.

L. The straps of the soft bag are 50 "long.

M. When hammering nails, the steel nails must bloom well.

N. Before packaging, the finished package must be clean, wireless head. According to the requirements of our specific order packing