The comfort of bed quilt also affects the quality of sleep to some extent. Today, I will tell you about the popular inspection and detection methods and purchasing skills of silk quilt.

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With the pace of life getting faster and faster these days, people at work are leaving early and staying late. Efficient time management is very important. Sleep is the best way to relieve stress, but many white-collar workers are stressed at work, sleep late at night, often toss and turn unable to fall asleep, which affects the next day's work. The comfort of bed quilt also affects the quality of sleep to some extent. Today, I will tell you about the popular inspection and detection methods and purchasing skills of silk quilt.  


Method of silk inspection:  


Method 1:  

Silk goes out when it leaves the flame  

Experimental objective: Whether the silk filled in the silk quilt is pure.  

Experimental process: Select part of the silk filling and put it on the alcohol lamp to burn. We can see that the left filling can burn, but the smoke is very small, with a smell of burning hair, and once it leaves the flame, it will automatically extinguish; The caulk on the right burns with a plume of black smoke and a sweet smell that continues to burn after it leaves the flame, which is very large.  

Interpretation: From this experiment, it can be seen that the left side of the flame goes out, is the real silk; The thick black smoke on the right is laced with polyester. Consumers usually buy silk quilt, can use this simple way to test the authenticity.  


Method 2:  

Real silk can be dissolved in alkaline solution  

Objective: To check the fiber composition in the silk quilt  

Experimental process: Detection personnel also used reagent dissolution method for further identification. Take about 1 gram of silk filling, put 1mol/l of alkaline sodium hypochlorite solution, stir for about 1 minute. Soon in the beaker on the left, the liquid has become cloudy and the filling has completely dissolved. The glass on the right has not changed much, with the filling itself still visible.  

Interpretation: Silk is an animal fiber, can be dissolved by alkaline solution, the left can be determined to be silk. Consumers usually at home, can use Bay4 disinfectant (equivalent to alkaline solution) to replace this alkaline solution, their own small test.  


Method 3:  

The silk has uneven thickness under the microscope  

Experiment objective: To see the shape of silk quilt under the microscope  

How to do it: Inspectors take a sample from a silk quilt, treat it and put it under a microscope to see its shape.  

Interpretation: Real silk under the microscope has a shiny surface, irregular shape and uneven thickness. And if it's filled with polyester, it shows holes, it's shiny, it's speckled, it's very uniform.  


Method 4:  

The deviation rate of 11 kinds of silk quilts sampled in the market was found to be large  

Experimental purpose: To test the mass deviation rate of the filling material of the silk quilt to see whether it conforms to the actual weight of the nominal.  

Experimental process: Inspectors disassembled the silk sheath, weighed all the fillings on the scale, and then put them in the oven for 3 hours. Then they weighed the dry weight and calculated the mass of the common moisture return rate.  

Interpretation: The filling quality deviation rate determines the weight of the silk, and the weight of the price. According to the national standard GB/T24252-2009 Silk Quilt, the standard values of quality deviation rate of filling products are (-2.0 ~ +10.0)% for superior products and first-class products, and (-2.5 ~ +10.0)% for qualified products. But this experiment found that there were 11 kinds of silk quilt mass deviation rate did not reach the standard, and some exceeded the standard seriously.  

How to choose silk  

According to the national standard, the silk quilt refers to the products whose filling contains 50% or more of mulberry silk and/or tussah silk. Only the products with 100% silk can be called pure silk quilt, and those with 50% or more silk can be called mixed silk quilt.  


City consumer's association to remind consumers, silk is divided into mulberry silk and tussah silk two kinds, silkworm silk color more white, softness and comfort better. While tussah is mostly wild, the color of the cocoon is close to bluish gray, and the color of the silk is a little yellow after being bleached, and the feel is not as soft as the silk. Therefore, when choosing a silk quilt, carefully check whether the mark is mulberry silk or tussah silk. The fiber content of the filling, the quality of the filling and the length of the silk wool are directly related to the price.