The quality of office furniture is determined by inspection. So how do you inspect office furniture?​

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Office furniture is for daily life work and social activities for the office or work convenient and equipped with appliances. Since the reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has achieved unprecedented development. As a branch of the furniture industry, China's office furniture industry has also achieved rapid development with the continuous renewal of production technology, the continuous increase of varieties, the gradual formation of professional production and the continuous improvement of management level. The quality of office furniture is determined by inspection. So how do you inspect office furniture? This article will give you a detailed introduction to the inspection methods and standards of office furniture, I hope you have learned something successful.  

First, the classification of office furniture  

(1) According to the furniture style, it can be divided into: modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neoclassical furniture.  

European classical: European classical furniture cultural connotation is very rich, suitable for European classical style decoration.  

American furniture: simple atmosphere, casual lines but pay attention to clean and capable.  

Chinese classical furniture: elegant, exquisite workmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful and generous, but also very practical!  

Neoclassical furniture: smooth lines, delicate carvings. Both nostalgic and fashionable style image, not only by the middle-aged and elderly people like, even a young people began to love it.  

(2) According to the materials used, the furniture can be divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture and steel and wood furniture.  

1, solid wood furniture: the use of logs to make materials, after grinding, painting and other processes. Exquisite material, durable.  

2, plate furniture: sheet molding, stable performance is not easy to deformation, processing and transportation are more convenient.  

3. Upholstered furniture: upholstered furniture mainly refers to furniture with sponge and fabric as the main body.  

Board type office furniture  

Board type office furniture (17 pieces)  

4, rattan furniture: light and generous, those fine interwoven rattan simple, fresh.  

5, metal furniture: very personality style, rich color choice, variety, folding function, quite good value, cheap goods.  

6, steel and wood furniture: simple geometric structure, simple combination of steel and wood and simple color expression, express the steel and wood furniture to the wind of simplicity.  

7, glass furniture: with its unique crystal clear, fresh and bright characteristics and popular.  

8, marble furniture: the surface is glittering and translucent, the texture is warm and graceful, the pattern texture is beautiful, and it is not afraid of dirty, not afraid of hot and other advantages, deeply loved by consumers.  

9, ceramic furniture: ceramic material is generally higher hardness, but the plasticity is poor. In addition to the use of food utensils and decorations, it also plays an important role in the development of science and technology  

In recent years, the living standards of farmers, especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, have even surpassed those of urban residents. The vast market for future furniture must be taken into account by affluent farmers, whose demand for furniture will increase at a rate of 20 to 30 per cent a year. According to a survey by the Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association, at least 80 percent of farmers in Guangdong buy finished furniture when they get married or build houses.  

This change of farmers to buy office furniture mainly comes from the following reasons: first of all, the improvement of farmers' cultural quality, so that they are more and more yearning for a cultural grade of home furnishing environment. Secondly, after more than 20 years of rural reform, rural family accounting unit model has been more perfect, both production units and consumption units, it is necessary to buy some necessary office furniture in the home office, to adapt to the changes of The Times.  

Office furniture  

Two, office furniture inspection standards  

(I) Quality standards of furniture products:  

QB/T 1951.1 -- 1994 Wood furniture quality inspection and quality assessment  

QB/T 1951.2-1994 Metal furniture quality inspection and quality assessment  

QB/T 3644 -- 1999 Lacquer furniture (original ZB/T Y88 001 -- 1989)  

QB/T 3916 -- 1999 Desks and chairs (original GB 10356 -- 1989  

(2) Standards  

The color of the purchase order shall prevail (our office desktop brown and light yellow);  

2 Structure (structure) : the use function of various types of furniture, according to the purpose, the structure is different, with the figure as the benchmark  

3 Material Standard  

Dead joints, oil cores, and bark are not allowed anywhere. Criteria for dead joints: black knots visible on both sides, and knots that can be picked off by hand are called dead joints.  

Force parts (such as table feet, chair feet, stair treads, bed feet) must not be allowed to have dead joints. Legs of chairs and stair treads are also not acceptable.  

Connection parts (such as wooden tenons, holes, and embedded nuts) are not allowed to have any joints  

The color difference is not obvious, the product should be arranged for color contrast during inspection. Colors are labeled with swatches  

Wood moisture content must be below 16%.  

4 Quality standard:  

1) Appearance inspection:  

Panels are not allowed to patch wood and large area patch. Check the surface for scratches. Dead joints are not allowed. Check whether the recoating is obvious, black knot white soil is not allowed.  

Decorative surface Veneer surface appearance requirements  

Granulating uniform particles, feel is not hand, cut indentation sag are not allowed to float paste paste rickety fold facing overlap of skin become warped skin raised bright shadow/dark marks sword allows all;  

From the seam stitching gap is not more than 1㎜ not more than 0.5㎜ not more than 1㎜  

Appearance requirements for lacquered surfaces  

Film scratch is not obvious film bubble is not allowed to leak paint is not obvious pollution (including groove lines matching color part) are not allowed to have off color is not allowed to pinhole color paint, diameter 0.3 ㎜ or less, no more than eight each door surface; Top coat, not allowed  

Surface paint film wrinkle skin ≤ 0.2% of the total area of the door panel  

The film particles and the grooves are smooth to the touch  

Color linear combination of part of the collapse of the color linear dividing line smooth, uniform, consistent  

2) Hardware, accessories, fastener handles, loose-leaf, hardware, accessories, fasteners should meet the functional requirements.  

Furniture with hardware, accessories installation position is correct, complete, firm, with enough strength, flexible opening and closing, no noise. All these parts shall be confirmed and signed by Party A before production.  

3) Inspection details of specific products:  

Table: Platform to check stability. The minimum weight of the desktop board is 20KGS. Visually inspect large table board for deformation. The shelves usually have felt on the bottom. Make sure the shelves and tables are the same color. The desktop board is generally PU paint or UV paint, tentacles feel smoother and harder than NC paint, lacquer feeling thick. When checking, pull the foot of the table outward to see if the connection is tight. Bring the table to the level of 30. Tilt tests to see if they fall.  

Cabinet: Check whether the drawer head and side plate of the cabinet are vertical without bending, and whether the distance between the drawer heads is consistent. Quickly pull the drawer back and forth 5 to 10 times to check that the drawer walls and ends are installed tightly, the rails are smooth, and the screws on the rails are loose. Check that the casters move smoothly and that the brakes are working. When packing chests of drawers, put a Polaron block in front of the drawer head to prevent the drawer from slipping out. The top and bottom four corners of the drawer cabinet should be added triangle Angle guard (the general size of the Angle guard is 100MM*100MM*15MM).  

The bottom of the big drawer is usually a bar. When the test is heavy, the hands are pressed down with 15KGS force. Generally, two triangular pieces (one on the left and one on the right) will be added to the back of a large chest of drawers. The height of the cabinet above 1200MM should add a horizontal pull bar on the back. Food cabinets above 1400MM in height do not need "quality representation".  

Check whether the door panel is deformed, whether the switch is tight, and whether the left and right heights are the same. 5~10 times switch to check whether the hinge is dropped and whether the screw of the hinge is locked in place. If there are glass door panels, sometimes buyers require double-sided Polaron protection.  

Check whether the laminate nail is easy to screw into the embedded hole without loosening and falling. The lamination shall be separated by pearl cotton.  

Dining table:  

The weight standard of dining table panel is 100KGS. QC personnel whose inspection method is about 60KGS walk back and forth on the table. QC personnel must also press the corner of the table with 45KGS force to test whether the other edges are warped. When the table is placed horizontally, a force of 20KGS should be used to test the flat push and pull the foot outward to test the connection strength of the foot.  

5 Packaging and Transportation  

Each product should be wrapped in plastic film and packed in a carton. Packing list and product inspection certificate shall be included in the package.  

Prevent mechanical collision and sun and rain during transportation.  

6. Provide reports:  

The original material of furniture (sheet material, fabric and paint) shall provide the material qualification report.