The rocking chair inspection methods and standards

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Rocking chair is a special form of chair, improve the quality of life to increase the interest of life, is one of the old people like chair types. The rocking chair came long after the cradle and the rocking horse. Because of the human instinct to swing the body, the rocking chair has been warmly praised by people since its invention. Many celebrities, such as the President of the United States, Picasso and Mark Twain, have their favorite rocking chair, because this way of relaxation can not only make people feel happy, but also reduce blood pressure, slow down breathing and even improve the balance of the body. By 1787, Rocking Chair received official inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary. Rocking chair is also one of the indispensable necessities of human daily life, so the rocking chair inspection page is particularly important. How do rocking chairs inspect goods? This article will give you a detailed introduction to the rocking chair inspection methods and standards, I hope you have learned.

A rocking chair basic inspection and selection methods

1. Pay attention to the tilt radian of the rocking chair. If the rocking chair is too large in swing radian, long-term use will lead to some dizziness in the mind of the passenger.

2. The foot of the rocking chair is an essential part. A comfortable and soft foot can make the old man's legs flat, which plays a great role in preventing lower limb ischemia.

3. The whole body is very relaxed when riding the rocking chair. If the rocking chair without the head sits for a long time, it will lead to bad blood flow in the back and brain.

4. Look closely at the selection of rattan materials to coarse and long, symmetrical and without varietal rattan for quality rattan. Inferior rattan is fine, small toughness, low tension easy to break. Observation "Yan" rattan rocking chair overall color is consistent, adhesion part is stable, appearance is correct is the main factor to test its good or bad. For rattan chairs equipped with seat cushions, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the arc position of the seat cushion matches the arc position of the furniture, whether the fabric pattern is neatly spliced, and whether the floss is smooth and straight.

Two, rocking chair series general inspection standards

1. Purpose

This quality inspection specification is used to provide the quality inspection specification and standard for the finished products of rocking chair series.

2. Scope of application

It is suitable for product inspection and quality control of rocking chair series.