Tool Inspection

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YSI Tool Inspection

Provide high-quality, high-guarantee and high-efficiency tool inspection services

Tools can be seen everywhere in our lives, and tool inspection can check the tools in advance and ensure their quality and safety during use, so as to avoid customer complaints or product recalls, and buyers can maintain a lasting and trustworthy brand image.

Tool inspection and inspection standards and on-site inspection points

Through a professional third-party inspection agency, quality problems will be identified and controlled at the source of tool production. YSI adopts the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limits) to define the degree of product defects and the acceptable range.

The inspection points of the inspector at the tool inspection site are as follows:

1. Visual inspection

2. Product size/weight check

3. Barcode Scanning Test

4. Assembly/Installation Inspection

5. Functional testing

6. Coated Tape Test

7. Transport drop test

8. Load Test

9. Stability test

10. Shake test

11. Blade hardness inspection (including metal blade part)

12. Humidity test (wooden furniture)

Tool inspection service coverage

YSI can provide inspection services for all kinds of hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, cutting tools, agricultural tools, measuring tools, various molds and knives, and provide inspection services for all kinds of gardening tools exported overseas.

Tools and instruments: hammers, scissors, pliers, various knives, screwdrivers, wrenches, axes, chisels/hole punches, saw blades, drill bit sets, sockets, bits/mechanics kits, pull bars/crowbars, tape measures, rulers , spirit level, scales, paintbrushes, pneumatic tools, masonry tools, ladders/step stools, pneumatic tools (such as pressure washers, chainsaws, etc.), workbenches, lifting equipment, workbench vise, restraint equipment, glue guns , thermometer, etc.

Garden tools: garden trimmers, weeders, watering sticks, garden hoses, garden carts, etc.