What inspection should inspectors do when inspecting all kinds of mattresses? What defects should we pay special attention to? What is the inspection method and inspection point of mattress?

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Comfortable mattress has the effect of improving the quality of sleep. The material of mattress can be divided into many kinds, such as palm, rubber, spring, latex and so on. According to the difference of its material, it is suitable for different people. What inspection should inspectors do when inspecting all kinds of mattresses? What defects should we pay special attention to? What is the inspection method and inspection point of mattress? Xiaobian summarizes the content of mattress inspection for you, feel useful can be collected!

Inspection standards for products and packages

1. Product

1) There must be no security problems in use

2) The appearance of the process is free from damage, scratching, cracking, etc

3) It must comply with the laws and regulations of the destination country and the requirements of the customer

4) Product structure, appearance, process and materials must meet customer requirements and sample approval

5) The product must meet the customer's requirements or the same function of the sample

6) The label must be clear and comply with the requirements of laws and regulations

Step 2: Packing

1) The packaging shall be suitable enough and meet the strength to ensure the reliability of the product transportation process

2) Packing materials shall be able to protect the transportation of the product

3) Shipping marks, bar codes and labels shall comply with customer's requirements or sample approval

4) Packaging materials shall meet customer requirements or samples

5) Instructions, instructions and relevant label warnings must be clearly printed in the language of the destination country

6) The description text, the description of the manual must conform to the product and the actual related functions

3. Inspection plan

1) Applicable inspection standards:

ISO 2859 / BS 6001 / ANSI/ASQ -- Z 1.4 Single sampling plan, normal inspection.

2) Sampling level:

Please refer to the sample numbers in the table below

3) If multiple types are inspected together, the sample number of each type shall be determined by the percentage of the quantity of that type in the whole lot. The sample size of the section is prorated on the basis of percentage. If you calculate the number of samples

4) Acceptable quality level AQL:

Critical defect is not allowed

AQL xx Major Defect standard

AQL xx standard Minor Defect

Note: "xx" stands for acceptable quality level standard as required by the customer

5) The number of samples in special sampling or fixed sampling, and no unqualified items are allowed

6) General classification of defects:

(1) Critical Defect

Defects that cause personal injury or unsafe factors or violate relevant laws and regulations when using or keeping the product.

B. Major Defect C. major defect D. major defect

Functional defects affect service or life, or obvious appearance defects affect the sales value of the product.

(3) Minor Defect

Defects that do not affect the use of the product and are not related to its sales value.

7) Rules of random inspection:

(1) Final inspection shall require that at least 100% of the products have been manufactured and packaged for sale, and at least 80% of the products have been packed into the outer box. Except for customers' special requirements.

(2) If multiple defects are found on a sample, the most serious defects shall be recorded as the basis for judgment. All defects shall be replaced or repaired. If serious defects are found, the whole batch shall be rejected and the customer shall decide whether to release the goods.