inspection methods of soybean milk machine

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Breakfast to drink a cup of warm freshly ground soy milk, I believe that the mood of the day will be very wonderful. With the soybean milk machine, once the hope has become a reality, but, how to choose the soybean milk machine? How is a good soybean milk machine inspected? Today, let's introduce the inspection standards and inspection methods of soybean milk machine.  

I. Inspection standards  

GB2828-87 Batch check and count sampling procedure and sampling table  

GB4706.1 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Part I general requirements  

GB4706.19 Particular requirements for safe liquid heating appliances for household and similar electrical appliances  

Particular requirements for safe electric food processing appliances for household and similar electrical appliances GB/T15854-1995 Food agitators  

Two, environmental inspection  

The power supply voltage is 220V to 50Hz, the altitude is not more than 1000m, the ambient temperature is 0 C to 40 C, and the relative humidity is not more than 95% (25 C).  

Iii. Packaging inspection  

1. Box: The outer box and color box shall not be seriously dirty or damaged. The product model and specification must correspond to the carton and the quantity shall be complete.  

2. Printing: the content of printed matter must be correct (box wheat, manual, certificate of qualification, warranty) without missing or wrong words; The font is correct, clear, neat, no overprint phenomenon; Label stickers should not be omitted, mislabeled, incorrect, mispositioned or dropped.  

3. Foreign body: the inside of the product is clean and tidy, without redundant foreign bodies, such as screws, confetti and so on.  

4, the outer packaging: the outer packaging bag should be punched, there is a sign of environmental protection recycling.  

5, drop: the product after the drop test shall not appear: appearance affect sales defects; Structural and component displacement affecting the use of functional defects; Defects that affect security performance.  

Iv. Appearance inspection  

Overall: The overall color of the product is correct, no serious color difference, spraying uniform and beautiful, no defects.  

If there are slight defects affecting the appearance (such as scratches, shrinkage, deformation, dirt, color difference allowed) but can not be seen 30cm away from the front and two sides of the product, and 50cm away from the back of the product, appropriate treatment.  

Blade: knife surface without obvious notch, scratch; No uneven, no rupture phenomenon, sharp, hardness pass.  

Five, motor seat  

There are no obvious scratches, black spots, cracks and other adverse phenomena on the surface. No burrs around the edges, lack of material. Can be placed horizontally on the table, with the finger touch will not shake and slide phenomenon.